Tuesday, December 11, 2012

When Anons Attack

I'm not surprised my wife and I received some anonymous comments outing us. 

Anonymous, 12/4/2012 said: [My real name], [my wife's real name] makes it very easy to find your sister, which in turn leads to your mother, which in turn leads to you and [wife's real name]. Cyber-crumbs are so easy to follow. If your going to dissect your sister like a lab rat, at least have the courtesy to do a better job of protecting her anon state, just like you and [wife's real name] try to do for yourselves. You are being hypocrites otherwise.  PS [wife's real name] does not come off sounding as though she practices unconditional love. She sounds more like a mean girl mocking a troubled girl. She sounds like a cyber bully looking for approval of her own low self esteem. Kind of sad. on It's Not My Fault

Anon, you are wrong.

Do you think that my wife and I don't share what goes on our blogs?  Our posts and the comments we get?  Tattling on my wife does you no good since I'm already aware of everything that goes up on her blog, and she on mine.

The person you describe in your comment more accurately portrays my mother, not my wife.  Without a doubt, you haven't a clue what my wife is actually like or who she is, but you don't care to either do you?  You're blind to all the shit my FOO has subjected her to, all the attacks, just so you can have your little show on here.   You're a coward and a maggot, a slimy, crusty little creature with nothing but excrement in your veins.  You slither and slink your way through life as you chastise my wife for speaking the truth.  Cut the shit.  Where my wife chooses to love, she does unconditionally, and fuck you for saying otherwise.  She doesn't expect her children to owe her anything.  She loves them, cares for them, nurtures them simply because they are her children.  You are contemptuous for no other reason than to attack my wife for speaking truth.  Why are you so intent on pretending to defend my sister and my mother?  Hit a nerve have we?  My wife does not waiver in her beliefs, her commitments to me or her children, her commitments to herself.  This is not a sign of a weak or of a woman who lacks self-esteem.  She radiates confidence, her demeanor speaks to this, as does it to compassion, a trait which she also possesses but that you refuse to see - my wife's letter to my sister is just one example.  A "mean girl" would not reach out to my sister as my wife did.  A "mean girl" would not be empathetic to her.  A "mean girl" would not offer support as my wife did.  The only bully I see here is you.  My wife's actions don't fit with your preconceived notions of her but you have never bothered to take the time to consider that.

Don't bother digging your head out of your ass though, I don't want your shit-stained vision anywhere near me or my wife.  And what's "sad" here is not my the woman I love, but your projection of low-self esteem - your constant need of approval from my mother.  That's why you made these comments.  Because you're using my sister, just like the rest of my NM's fucked up followers. Your "defense" of her is just an attempt to garner approval, to win some brownie points from the All-mighty Parasite Queen herself. I can see you've come in with sides already taken, with preconceived notions. You didn't bother considering anything else.  People like you see what you want to see, no matter what you've been reading.  That, or you know where to go to get the information that will only make you look good and my wife look bad.  To you, and to the rest of my FOO, my wife is the ultimate villain: loving, articulate, intelligent, honest, righteous, courageous.  All the things you, and they are not.  All the things you all pretend to be.

My wife is Loving - I have seen her pain when her kids are deeply upset or hurt, or hell, even when other children are upset or hurt; I have seen her whole self light up and be genuinely happy right along with her kids when they are happy or excited about something- a drawing, finding a toy, singing, whatever. Her eyes light up when they come in the room. Her eyes light up for them, just because they are who they are.

My wife is as strong as they come - Sure, continue to hang on to that notion that SHE'S the one lacking self-esteem, as she bolsters her children's spirit with praise and pride.  A mother with no self-esteem raises children like my sister and I. My wife never backs down, she never gives up. She fights for what is right, she fights for those she loves. She fights in the face of bullies and cowards who just want to tear her down. And she keeps going.

My wife is Articulate and Intelligent - her opinions are always backed with research and well thought-out reasons, never presented with condescension or condemnation, but with clarity and supporting information; we are no strangers to lengthy discussions.

My wife is Honest - She calls it as she sees it, she holds on to the Truth, even when assholes like you come along and try to shut her down. She works harder than most to be honest with herself, never fearing self-reflection. She does not ask of others what she does not expect of herself.

My wife is Righteous - She knows right from wrong, holds steadfast to her morals, knows it's wrong to be treated like shit and do nothing about it, or to demand respect without earning it.  Her moral compass is correctly calibrated.  She'll stand up for herself, her family where she sees fit.  Provoke the Mama Bear, and you will get mauled.  Count on it.

My wife is Courageous - None but a courageous woman would still be standing, and fight back after the onslaught my FOO so graciously provided.  Indeed, to fight for a marriage with an ACON is to be nothing but truly strong and courageous.  To be blind to this fact is downright disgusting and disgraceful, not only to my wife, but to those who've endured similar challenges.

I imagine: Anon the peon addressing Queen Parasite: "Look look look!  I said words!  Did I do a good job, did I, did I?  Huh, huh, tell me, didn't I do it so good for you?  Oh oh, tell me I did!" Anon, you don't actually have to say that to say that.

So here it is, you asshole: Fuck off. You're nothing but a puss-filled blister.  Crash-test dummies are more human than you are.

In all seriousness, you can keep my mother and her delusions. You can have them.  Good luck with that.


  1. An beautiful tribute to Jonsi. You are so fortunate to have her in your corner. "People like you see what you want to see, no matter what you've been reading." This is so true. They see what they want to see. Well done.

  2. "to fight for a marriage with an ACON is to be nothing but truly strong and courageous. To be blind to this fact is downright disgusting and disgraceful, not only to my wife, but to those who've endured similar challenges"

    Your Jonsi is somebody I dearly wished my BiL was half of, to see and support and fight for my sister. Instead BiL is more like the asshole Anon that tries to infect your blog and bully you into capitulation.

    Keep strong, LSV, you won your hard earned freedom. Once freedom attained, we can never go back.

  3. You two together are unstoppable. This is a wonderful post. :)

    Your 'anon the peon' probably didn't read that whole post, because it doesn't agree with his pre-conceived notion of what you both are like. It would make him THINK. And flying monkeys do not like to think.

  4. Gotta keep those invites to the "Time Share" commin' eh?
    You and DW have far more patience than I do with the "Anons" of the world. But I do find it interesting they presume to "know" so much more than those who actually lived through this crap. I would NEVER consider imposing myself on anyone else's life.
    But then again, I'm neither Narc nor Narc-WannaBe.

  5. So this guy knew who you are before he saw your blog? Am I right? So he is telling you that people who don't know you can find things out as easy as someone who does know you.
    If I had never drifted through Lisettes House of Mirrors and posted a comment, you guys probably wouldn't know I exist. And I you.
    Other than seeing ya'll on her blog list, I would have never found you. And I still don't know any more than you tell me on your blog. I know you guys live in one of those smallish states up North. That's about it. I don't even know how many kids you have.
    He acts like the general population sits around thinking, " I wonder what I will find if I google lesser size version."
    Or maybe "Transcending Indifference." I don't know why, but I think I will.
    My google stalker knew me from real life and sat around in the middle of the night googling all our e-mail addresses and bada bing. There I was.
    They need to find something better to do.

    1. Lesser size version? Is this your pet name for LSV, Q? That's actually quite funny and ironic.

  6. Isn't that his "handle"? Am I missing something?
    Oh fuck I just looked. He is life size vision. I am old and stove up. You gotta work with me on this some.
    He knows my heart is pure and my aim is true.

    1. haha, Q, I thought it was cute ;). And I think it speaks to your point perfectly; you follow LSV and you still wouldn't be able to "google" him correctly. These douche anons are out hunting him. To bad their hearts aren't pure.

    2. *Too bad

      I am spelling deficient.

  7. These anons are simply a speck of fly shit on the wall of life, of no consequence and easily wiped away.

  8. I hate people who are too big of pussies to come out in the light. If i come at you I might hit you from behind but you'll see my face this anon shit is bullcrap. And how dare that rat attack your wife, it's just especially out of physical range... Props on the D though badass.