Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hey FOO?

I'm not going to be your shitting pot.
I'm not going to let you walk all over me.
I know you smear me and mine behind my back.
When you shit on me and my family that does not make me want anything to do with you.  Hm, yes, lets lie to his face, rip him and his family to shreds behind his back, and maybe THEN he'll come back, because we're all better than him anyway.
I know that's that you think.
I didn't make my sister try to kill herself.
I didn't abandon anyone.
I grew the fuck up.
Take a moment to dig your heads out of your own asses and take that in, won't you? 

I didn't fuck up your lives, they were already fucked to begin with.

I know you have the emotional depth of pond scum.
I know that you you don't care about anyone but yourselves.
I know that residing in you is a. nothing at all, or b. a rotting pile of human remains.
Perhaps that's not really fair to the human remains though.

I know that you'll never know what it means to care about someone, and more specifically, about me.  Does it strike anyone as completely absurd that in an attempt to make my mother happy, her daughter attempted suicide?  No, huh?  Oh that's right, because it's my fault and NOT the one fucking person who raised her to be a puppet, to have no self-esteem, to never ever live in reality, to believe that her brother is her protector.  No, don't look at that person because she paints too pretty a picture for that.  You know, I even think she goes to church.  Oh thine pious mother!  Your son and daughter are not worthy!  May they bow to your mightiness in all it's raucous glory!  May thine daughter mirror your very self, and may your son bestow upon his two women his entire self for slaughter. 

Can it be?  That this woman lies?  Nay!  Say it isn't so!  Her house is done up so nicely.  And that's what it's all about right, the way everything looks?  Don't look at interpersonal relationships and how fucked they are.  No way, Nope.  She's divorced?  Well that's common these days anyway.  Twice?  Well I'm sure there was a good reason.

Yeah, she had a "good reason".  Many "good reasons".  She got a "good reasoning" every day for years, I'm sure. 

But that's old news to you isn't it.  I'm sure you've forgotten all about that and focused on the easier target: me.  Yeah sure, what did I do to cause that shit.

What a mean piece of shit son that LSV is, right?  Look what he's done to his mother and sister and EVERYONE!

I mean, what do you think you're going to get from me now anyway?  Some sympathy?  That I'm going to say fuck everything I've made here! and come running?

Got some news for you FOO:




  1. Sounds like a powerful declaration of independence. Cheers - you are not to blame for your sister's actions or your mother's either. Clapping over here at my computer.

  2. Your mother told me you would say that.
    Not really.
    It's what I get if I ever run into any one that knows my mother.
    Which thankfully is never.
    Not anymore.

  3. After they get done smearing, sliming and maligning their Adult Offspring as well as their AC's family, they expect this is going to somehow make us MORE likely to to reassess our decision to terminate the relationship and decide we've made a terrible mistake??
    Only in their screwed up "reasoning"-which of course makes them look even MORE foolish. All they've succeeded in doing is confirming exactly why we walked away initially and why we're going to continue to stay as far away from them as possible for the rest of our lives.

  4. You've got spine,man. Cling to it.

    You sound good.

  5. Just started to read your blog. You stay strong! Totally get where you are coming from.