Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Vicarious Eleven

1. What is your signature food dish?
 Well, I always get chicken parm wherever I go (to a deli or a restaurant or something).  But, I make some kick-you-in-the-face good sandwiches, just ask my wife!

2. What hobby/passion/activity did you enjoy in the past that you wish you had kept up with and what is the main factor keeping you from taking it back up again?
I was very good at football as a kid.  I never really tried at being any better though as I got older, so I just stopped playing.  That coupled with a pretty terrible coach.  I'm glad I didn't play in college, but I would have liked to stayed with it through high school.

3. Which fairy tale do you relate to the most?
 Humpty Dumpty

4. What is the song that you can sing best?
If I Could Turn Back Time, by Cher.

5. What was the weirdest thing that someone ever said to you and how did you respond?
An old woman on a bus in Australia asked me, "So, come here often?"
I said, no in fact, I never come here (Australia) but I've been riding the bus for several weeks.

6. What smell do you find most offensive?
Putrid Farts

7. What was the name of your favorite stuffed animal or doll as a kid?
Brownie the Bear

8. What do you secretly suspect you could do well, but you have never tried?
Stand-Up, or a one-man show

9. If you were going to picket a cause, what would your sign say?

10. Who wants to live forever?
Those people who want nothing but money and power.

11. What would be the title of your memoir and who would you dedicate it to?
Pleasantly Unpleasant: A Boy and His Non-Mother; Dedicated to the Non-Mother


  1. Interesting 11. I still need to be brave and answer mine. :-)

  2. You didn't follow the rules!

    1. That's because I didn't even look at the rules...

  3. Thanks for sharing your 11. I would be curios as to what 11 questions you would ask.