Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No Wonder

It's no wonder I latched onto Linkin Park's first two albums: Hybrid Theory and Meteora:

Click me for a whole mess of songs I repeated over and over again for many years.


  1. This is a very powerful musical sequence for ACs.
    Thanks, LSV. You nailed it, IMO.

  2. I thought it was good music. Something was pulling me to this group (most specifically, their first two albums as I mentioned) and some of the lyrics typify how I was/am feeling.

  3. I used to like Linkin Park. What middle schooler didn't? At least all the cool ones did. I still remember the first time hearing "One Step Closer" in like...seventh grade. Napster, yeah. My bitch friend Steph recommended it to me because her dumb crush Lawrence liked it and I never heard the end of her self-centered blahblahblah about him, omg, she was always talking about him...or more like herself. I remember a few years later reading somewhere that he (Chester) was molested and him talking about it somewhere, like that's part of where the lyrics come from. I always thought about that afterwards whenever I heard their songs. Made me understand him better.

    1. I guess it's definately no suprise how strongly I felt connected to these songs. I still like them, 10 years later. Or 12 now.