Thursday, April 26, 2012

What You Are

So I just wrote the last post "Preservation" and then this happened:

Keep your thoughts silent
Repeat what I say
You’re nothing, you’re nobody
This is your mantra, everyday.

Yes, ma’am, I shan’t think
I’ll mirror your thoughts
I’m nothing, I’m no-one
I’ll be you at all costs

Good boy and well done
Remember, spread yourself thin
Give to all, take nothing back
And do it with a grin!

Yes ma’am I’ll listen, I’ll spread myself thin
Give to all without thought, I have not a choice
Expect nothing from anyone
And yes of course, I’ll speak with your voice

Disappoint me you won’t, I’m sure of that
You do and you must know
Love you I won’t
So listen good and put on your show

Yes ma’am, your message is clear
I’ll do what you require
No more and no less
I’ll be exactly what you are:
A cheat, a steal, and a liar.


  1. Excellent! That was me for most of my life! But I'm over it now! :)

  2. Great summary, LSV! That's exactly what it is.....unfortunately.