Monday, November 7, 2011


I came across the existence of To Train Up Your Child.

I have not read it, however, from the stories, such as this one, and reviews...well it is among other things, infuriating, gut-wrenching, vomit-inducing, nauseating, sadistic, and quite possibly downright evil.  The authors of the book, Michael and Debi Pearl advocate various forms of corporal and demeaning punishment as soon as the child is mobile -- that's about six months old.  The idea is to literally train the child in to the parents' servitude.  But it's ok, they say, corporal punishment is advocated in the Bible.  So it MUST be right!


**I'm not bashing religions, I'm merely emphasizing their justification for this behavior.**

What, Mike and Deb, nothin' to do down there in ol' Tennessee but smack around your kids?  No dogs to do that to?  No horses?  No mules?  What's that?  Oh you did that already?  And it didn't work?  I see, so then, you tried it on your kids, and by golly, it DID work!  Makes sense to me.


So go ahead parents, smack your six month old for crying in the middle of the night when you think s/he shouldn't be.
Knock your two year old around for becoming aware enough of themselves to being to make their own decisions about their surrounds (I want this toy and no one else!).
Muzzle your five year old for being excited in store.
And make sure to fully break the spirit of your 10-12 year old for going through puberty.

Congats, parents that read and implement the strategies in this book, you've successfully transformed your children into little more than dog slaves.

Fucking assholes.


  1. Gee, my narcmother didn't need a book to "justify"/rationalize/defend her child-rearing tactics aka abuse. She did it just because she COULD.....and did for years up to and including (I'm ashamed to admit) my adult life-when I terminated the relationship.

    She was a "Devout Catholic" who would respond to my terror, my whimpers, my pleas/begging/wet pants response to fear/pain with another "snap" and snappy come-back: "Offer it up for the honor and glory of God." The nuns at the Catholic school I attended were no better.

    My kidneys are irreparably damaged. I won't even discuss the psychological/emotional implications. I'm soon to be 58 and I will never, ever "forgive" these adults who abused children-and clearly KNEW what they were doing was wrong. Otherwise, they wouldn't have taken such pains to hide their abuse from public view.

    Abusers come from a whole cross-section of backgrounds; religious, socio-economic etc. That doesn't make them any less perpetrators or any less accountable for torturing and abusing children. The only "name" it's REALLY "done in" is THEIR OWN. And just because they didn't get caught doesn't mean they didn't violate the single most important unshakeable "rule" of parenting next to unconditional love: The provision of a place of safety and security for a child (aka a HOME free from terror.)

    Even wild animals don't abuse their off-spring in ANY way. They teach and guide them. But abuse them? NEVER.

  2. I saw this today as well. As a parent myself, it makes me sick to my stomach.

    Its obvious that these so-called parents, are sick, twisted individuals who hide behind their fanatical beliefs to justify blatent child abuse. (I also am not bashing - these people are not Christians by any sense of the word.) Those poor defenseless children are the ones who grow up to be estranged. And their parents weep and moan on the Joshua Coleman board wondering why their children have cruelly cast them aside.

    I'm glad those parents are being treated as criminals. Too bad our justice system does not allow them to suffer the same torture their children did.

  3. For some people, any excuse will do. Reading the blurb, it sounds so harmless. Reading the reviews, there is no way I'd read the book. I've read several articles that describe the rod as a shepherd's rod, with the crook on the end that the shepherd would use to guide the wandering sheep back to the fold. Not to beat the sheep, to guide it. A world of difference.

  4. Bloody amazing. I just found your blog from friends on another website. I cannot believe something like this is actually published. I don't even want to read this. I do love M. Scott Peck's People of the Lie. It's sad when you realise that there are people out there that for lack of a better word or definition, are pure evil. Evil isn't just something written in the bible. People talk about Hell as being a place where bad people go. Hell is living in a home where you are abused and your very sense of self is fucked. I have always felt that a parent's most important job is to be that of a guide of sorts. And that all of us, all of the little children have these compasses inside of us, waiting to be taught how to utilize and understand who we are meant to be. To, in turn, assist us throughout our own lives, and then to pass on this knowledge to our children. I know as I breathe, it is criminal to take from, damage, and use in their own warped sense of parenting, to basically obliterate a child's sense of self. To set them adrift in this world. I have spent too many years being lost, tethering onto something and being scared to death that I haven't a clue as to what or who I really am. Doubt is one of the worse conditions a person can have, shame and guilt are others. Keep writing,. I am glad to have found you and your wife's blogs. Keep up the good work.
    Lady of the Hunt.

  5. That is so wrong..I hope parents have the internal fortitude and sense to NOT go about this way of "training up a child"...I think that the Bible is so misused in this says "spare the rod, spoil the child"...I think the rod and staff were to be used to guide a flock...not beat them with it! just as a shepherd may point the rod and staff at an errant sheep..we must also use the rod and staff as a pointer...never a weapon...

    1. And yet, a weapon it becomes. And I've learned that physical violence is not only the result of using that rod as a weapon, but can also be interpreted as verbal and emotional abuse.