Friday, November 4, 2011

The Dark Puzzle

I believe this was a creation of the year 2008. Indicative of my emotional deleriosity? I think so.

Piecing together the puzzle in my mind
The picture is blurry, I’m scared what I’ll find

Rummage, pillage, porous and goo
It’s difficult for me to know what to do
Swimming in that garbled mess
Causes me substantial distress

My heart is crushed, flat, and cold
Now it is nothing, where once it was gold

For again I am a nomad, a seeker once more
But in my mind rages a seemingly endless war
Between what is right, and what is wrong
I want truth, a solution; the soul’s fruitless song

I hide in the shadows of the day
Hoping that these incessant pains will die away
Leaving with me with a numbness I can bear
And hopefully a face I can wear

Where a smile once found its place
Now is tainted, twisted, turned, disgraced
A false happiness is what I see here
One of suppressed burdens and secret fear

So now I wait,
An ambiguous misshapen identity
Wondering who
Or What
Can relieve me of my depreciating pity.


  1. You've come a long way, from there.

  2. I believe I have Judy, thank you. :-)

  3. "Leaving with me with a numbness I can bear" This line jumped out at me. I so understand needing this numbness. Kind of like when they put burn victims in a medical coma during the first steps of healing. From your other posts I am seeing that you are letting go of that numbness. In my opinion, it is not easy, at first, but is the only way that I know of to find the truth.