Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cleaning My Glasses

I looked at my son the other day and I had a revelation.  It didn't slam into me like I thought it would.  There wasn't a profound ringing of the bells.  It was hardly even a light bulb moment. It was like wiping my glasses off in a steamy bathroom, but still swimming through the residual steam.  There was definitely something different when I looked at him and had a thought.

I looked at him and said, you know, he's me. This little guy is me.  I have the chance to raise him like I should have been raised.  Provide him the emotional support and foundation that I should have been provided.  I will raise my son and in doing so, raise my Little Me in the way that they need.

I told my therapist this and got all misty eyed - both for my son and for Little Me.  I cannot and will not let them down.


  1. Nice post, it is quite a cosmic moment when you realise the connection, and see yourself in your children.

  2. I understand the need to do things differently. You can do this. You can raise your son in the way that you wished had been done for you.

  3. I loved doing the things for my kids that were not done for me. The most important thing?

    Giving them a voice and validation as individuals.

  4. Love the "cosmic moment" phrase. It explains exactly what was happening at that moment.

    I'll validate the crap out of them!