Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun Facts

Some things that just recently popped into my head:

I used to listen to Carly Simon, NRBQ, and Bonnie Raitt almost exclusively and over and over and over again before I was ten.

What I called my "default song" - that is, whenever anyone told me to start singing, or when I just decided to sing - was If I Could Turn Back Time, by Cher. I don't know why I always always sang this particular song, I just did. Always.

Another song that I played continuously before I was ten was "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes.

In middle school I once bought a Teen People magazine not knowing at the time, it was geared towards teenage girls.

Around age three, my maternal grandmother had sewn for me some Russian-inspired dolls. They were severely lanky. The male had on a red shirt and brown pants and wore a hilariously goofy smile. He had three red hairs sticking out of the top of his head. The female counterpart had a light blue dress, an equally hilarious goofy smile and lots more red hair. I used to take them, and at the top of the stairs in house we lived in at the time, look over the banister, and drop them down two flights and watch them land. On the way down, I tried to imagine what they'd be thinking but instead I could only look at their goofy smiles and laugh.

Again around age three, I took a pack of Trident from a purse (either my mothers or grandmothers) leaped over the bed in the bedroom, hid there and ate the whole pack.

At age eight, I memorized my parents' credit card info, went online and bought a Gameshark for my gaming console - I think it may have been a Super Nintendo, but it's kind of fuzzy. At the time I thought my parents would never suspect anything. The Gameshark didn't even work.

I remember pooping in my pants between ages two and three. I was at a sitter's house walking in a room with a deliriously blue shag carpet and brown (now I know it was wood paneling) walls. It was warm. And uncomfortable.

I once walked into my dad when I had a Blowpop in my mouth and it went down my throat and got stuck. Enough of the stick was sticking out of my throat that I was able to pull it out myself. I was an early teenager at this time.

I had two stuffed bears that I used to sleep with: Brownie and Grey Bear. I also had a giant six foot carnival bear that I just to jump on until his innards spilled out.

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