Thursday, July 7, 2011

Throwing Stars

The other day I remembered a recurring dream I had about my father.

He and I were walking on opposite sides of a traffic jam. Next thing I knew I saw throwing stars (the four pointed very sharp instruments of death used by the elusive ninja) hurtling towards my father. They hit and killed him.

I had this dream long before I was a teenager and just remembered it the other day. I remember waking up being very upset and often I would be crying when I awoke. I cannot remember if I was the one that actually threw them or if I was just unable to stop them from hitting him now.

Points of interest:
- he and I were walking on opposite sides of traffic
- he died
- if I threw these weapons, I was most certainly trying to kill him

I think I'd like to start a dream diary. Or at least just write them down somewhere.


  1. A dream diary sounds like a good idea. It couldn't hurt. Letting the subconscious sort through the stuff that doesn't make sense may make it easier to recognize what's important and what's plain weird.

  2. Could the throwing stars represent cutting words, the kind that can kill the spirit and emotions? Perhaps thrown by your mother in arguments you overheard when you were young? -- quartz

  3. I thought it interesting that they were walking on opposite sides. I found that to be more relevant than even the death of the father. I think it represents their separation in real life. They can't connect, they aren't on the same side, and they never really were. It doesn't speak for a very good future, if his dad continues his path on the other side of traffic.

  4. Yeah, what kind of father walks on the opposite side of the road full of traffic, instead of on the same side with his young son? --quartz

  5. One that doesn't have his son's best interests at heart, Quartz, that's what kind of father.