Monday, June 6, 2011


Sometimes I call the bathroom the "urination lobby" and just recently (like at this very moment) I shortened it to "u-lobby".

I don't like saying lavatory (too institutional), or bathroom (what if there lacks a bathtub) or toilet (a little crude), or restroom (I do not rest in said room) , or powder room (a little old fashioned, and I don't powder), loo is ok, but I'm not in England or Australia, so instead I've termed the area in which the toilet and a sink reside the U-Lobby.

Anyway, whilst I was visiting said u-lobby, I was presented with a very interesting predicament: a gentleman decided he wanted to strike up a conversation with me as I was washing my hands. A sort of "hey, how's the weather" type of conversation, but communication nonetheless. I obliged but I was thinking, why do people feel the need to chat it up in the bathroom? I'm in there for one purpose and one purpose only. I do my business (as I tell my dog) and get out.

So please sirs, don't speak to me in these places of ... "business".


  1. Hah! I love this topic because it presents such an interesting dynamic at work. I've seen grown men, deep in conversation, walk into the u-lobby and immediately cease conversation until they had completed their "business" and exited the u-lobby. For the most part, I agree with you - when doing the actual "business." After that, I'm fine with conversing...

  2. This is a really funny post! It made me laugh.

  3. The only conversation I'll have is, "can you spare a square?"

  4. Ha! Lisette! That comment made me laugh too!

    Posts like this are a great way to feel better about things. It's so light-hearted!