Friday, May 6, 2011


I would like to say how much I appreciate and love my wife. Never have I met someone like her, who has truly Seen me, and push me so hard to better myself.

We met in early 2009, through I will recount the meeting as accurately as I can:
It was Sunday morning. The air was crisp (no, really it was!) and I was sitting in my car looking at the bundle of flowers on the passenger side seat - yellow, orange, and pink colored roses. You see, I'd done some research on what rose colors mean and I wanted to pick out the ones I thought most appropriate. These colors meant, creativity, intelligence, and warmth I believe was the third.

It was a half an hour before the time she and I decided on, but I was so nervous I arrived at the bookstore early. Later she would tell me that she was over an hour early to get some books for herself! Leaving the roses on the seat next to me, I got out of the car and began walking toward the door. Half-way between the car and the door I stopped. I figured, well I already got these roses, and we'd exchanged a few emails already so she pretty much knows enough about me to know if she wants to continue dating me, so why the hell not, let me get these roses. Go all out LSV. So I returned to the car, picked up the roses from the seat, and carried my suddenly enormously heavy feet to the double doors of the book store.

I breathed once, a heavy "lets do this!" breath, and pushed open the first set of doors. For some reason, I do not quite know, I turned around and opened the second set of doors with my back, so I walked backwards into the book store. Backwards, I was backwards.  Fitting isn’t it.

It only took me a moment for me to find her. A black sweater and jeans and a pile of books seven high on the table. I swear I could even smell her from where I was standing. She looked up and our eyes locked. We smiled. I fell in love. Hard.

We quickly became inseparable (me more than she admittedly): I wanted to see her 24 hours a day, and she wanted to see me a healthy amount. I obliged. Our relationship blossomed and developed quickly and before long we were expecting and moving in together. Now, this may be too much too soon for some, but she and I seemed to work excellently together.

My family of origin did not take all of this news well: my father surprised me with his initial reaction but of course they asked if we were going to marry before the baby was born. When we said we weren't, they seemed alright, but they were judging.

My mother said right off the bat when we told her, "[boyfriend’s nickname], I was right!", then proceeded to go into a spiel about being too young to be a grandmother, and can the child call her by her first name. Her boyfriend even began telling a story, in a feeble attempt to try to connect to us, about a one night stand of his that resulted in a child. It took over a decade but now he's trying to get back in touch with said child. Disgusting.

So this was a little shout out to my wife who is my foundation and my support and will be so long as my heart is beating and my brain is working. I encourage readers to take a gander at her blog as she is a fantastic blogger and shares insights that are most certainly worth reading.

So thank you Wife. For everything you've done for me, and everything you will do in the future. I cannot properly express my appreciation but so long as we both shall live, I will try!


  1. Beautiful story! (Except the creepy boyfriend bit.)

  2. Contented sigh. I feel twitterpated, all over again.

    Love love love


  3. I don't know what twitterpated is, but I suspect it's a good thing.

    mulderfan- a beautiful story indeed! I tried to be on a commercial for, but we had to go to auditions and stuff, and we didn't want to do that.



  4. I love this! I can picture Jonsi in her black sweater, all intellectual with her stack of books. How wonderful, how fabulous, how romantic. I'm so happy you found one another in this crazy world - you will move heaven and hell together.


  5. Not that intellectual. I was sucking on a lollypop too. :o)

  6. Twitterpated-see Bambi.

    How romantic!

  7. Ah, Bambi. I never watched that whole movie through. I got to only where Bambi's...mother? father? dies then I stopped watching it. Never finished it. That was oh...20 years ago. Same goes for E.T. It took me 10 years to actually watch that whole movie through. It scared me so much as little kid!

  8. Aw hell, I'm a sucker for romance. Love it.

    By the way, that bit about being "too young to be a grandma" and the request to be called by the first name? I got that exact same spiel. Ugh.