Monday, May 9, 2011

Came and Went

Mother's Day came and went without any phone calls or emails from my mother or father or any of their families.

My wife asked me before Mother's Day if I had thought about what the day would be like. I replied that I wasn't even thinking about my mother. The day would not be marred with thoughts of that woman. I do believe that is a step in the right direction.

I do not owe her anything. She will not guilt me into thinking I do.
I do not owe my father anything. He will not guilt me into thinking I do.

I am certain that I am being painted as the Evil Child now. My sister is reaping her "rewards" as the Golden Child now. She gets the attention, she gets the adoration. Fine by me. I don't want that burden on my shoulders any longer.

My father talks to my mother, plays into her games and believes that I am purposefully hurting my mother, and now hurting him by speaking the truth. I will not play their games. I will not be their doormat. And that has them writhing in their own skins.

I will no longer be bound by their strings, their tactics, their needs. I am a person whose needs and desires and health supersedes theirs. I am person entitled to be happy. And this I will be.

A happy Mother's Day indeed.


  1. Sounds like a bit of liberation that's good for you. Keep fighting for you.

  2. High five for drama-less Mother's Days!

    My middle brother is now the golden child, after years of being the scapegoat. He's soaking it all in, and while I think he deserves the attention he's been deprived, I know that it'll be at a great cost. I've tried to talk to him about it, and he acts like he knows what I'm saying, but I think he's been so attention starved for so long that the urge is just to great to ignore.

  3. Welcome to the "Black Sheep Herd"! My GC brother can keep his special spot in their lives.

    Pay-back: I still hold their power of attorney and am the sole executor of their estate! Why? Deep in their hearts they know when the going gets tough the GC runs in the other direction.

  4. Judy- Liberation indeed!

    Shaun- Pretty certain my sister has become the Golden Child. She will reap the "rewards" of that position and never think twice about why she now the sole receiever of said "rewards". She will probably never grow out of that either: always the GC, never wanting anything more.

    Mulderfan- way to be the strength when push comes to shove!!!